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How to distinguish between a service request and an incident.

What is a service INCIDENT?

A service incident is an instance of an issue or a bug with an existing website/product.


  • Styling not displaying correctly on websites
  • Web-forms no longer functioning as required
  • Newsletters no longer being mailed

What is a service REQUEST?

A service request is a new request for a website, website-related product or feature.


  • Request for a new website
  • Request to add file-sharing ability to an existing website

Please assist us in serving you better by advising us on the urgency of your request:

Low Request is not timely in nature; request follows standard fulfillment processes.

Medium Request is timely; request follows standard fulfillment processes.

High Request is urgent; request to be completed within the soonest possible timeframe.

The time required for completing requests is directly proportional to the scale, priority and complexity of the request. Incidents and requests will be attended to as soon as possible. Due to high volumes, all incidents and requests will be prioritized accordingly in consideration of all criteria.

Please provide us with the appropriate additional information to better respond to your request.

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